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4 Replies to “Blog”

  1. The Tour 2017 is over. It has been a blast!
    Many new fans and followers are joining in the DDFF team!
    By Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

    We can’t wait for new dates to be announced!
    We keep you posted!

    The DDF Fanclub

  2. 15-08-2017 – Personal message from DeeDee,

    I just want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone that made my tour #TheLightTour a success. I’m so thankful for Anastacia who gave me the opportunity to open her show for her, and present my music to her audience. I am so happy that I was a part of the #UltimateCollectionTour. Thanks to all of the “#ATeam”~ her band for making me feel so welcome and keeping me laughing, and her crew and production team that helped my show to run smoothly. Thanks to my #London and #German bands who were indeed troopers throughout this whole ordeal. Thanks to my mgr for spear heading this whole adventure. Linda your hard work and determination paid off. We did it! Thanks again to all who donated and pledged money to support the making of my CD and this tour. And lastly thank you to all of my new and old fans who I met at the shows and who continue to message me, bring me gifts, and letters. I really really appreciate you. Danke!
    I Love you all, DeeDee

    1. Love this page! Thank you for being your beautiful self, with your incredible voice! So grateful I get to be on this journey with you! Love ya sis! Xx

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